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The program for financial advisors who want to achieve


Ready to take your financial advisory practice to the next level?

Join an exclusive circle of collaborative and elite retirement practices with Retirement Advisor Circle of Excellence (ACE) – a program that empowers financial advisors to integrate comprehensive retirement planning into their service offering.

Equip yourself with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to meet the evolving needs of your clients and exceed their expectations.

As a financial advisor, fiduciary responsibility is crucial. Retirement ACE provides you with the guidance and resources to ensure your fiduciary practices are top-notch. Build trust and credibility with your clients by demonstrating a commitment to their financial well-being.

Enhance Fiduciary Practices

Optimize your practice for greater profits. Retirement ACE helps you analyze your book of business, allowing you to identify opportunities for growth and increased profitability. Maximize your earning potential while delivering exceptional value to your clients.

Improve Operational Efficiencies

Retirement ACE brings together a community of elite retirement industry leaders. Network, collaborate, and learn from the best in the business. Connect with like-minded professionals who share your commitment to excellence and innovation, fostering growth and success in your practice.

Join an Exclusive Community

With Retirement ACE, you'll gain access to proven strategies and best practices that have been tested and refined by industry leaders. By implementing these techniques, you'll be able to deliver better outcomes for both yourself and your clients. Prepare to see improved financial results and a more satisfied client base.

Achieve Better Results

Retirement planning encompasses various critical aspects, from wealth management to estate planning and ESG considerations. Retirement ACE equips you with the expertise to navigate these complex areas with confidence, ensuring comprehensive and holistic advice for your clients.

Master Complex Areas

With ever-changing regulations, it's crucial to stay up-to-date. Retirement ACE provides you with the latest insights on investment policy statements, ERISA fiduciary training, and compliance best practices. Stay ahead of the curve and avoid potential conflicts of interest, keeping your practice and clients protected.

Stay Compliant

Why Retirement ACE?

Fiduciary Best Practices


  • Our Fiduciary Best Practices Curriculum is specifically designed to enhance your service delivery to ERISA Retirement Plans, as well as Governmental and non-ERISA Retirement Plans. Our objective is to equip Retirement ACE members with the knowledge, tools, experience, and confidence needed to serve clients at the pinnacle of excellence, solidifying your reputation and credentials as the best in the business.

    While some of the categories and topics covered may seem familiar to most advisors, our curriculum takes it a step further. We delve into each subject with a level of detail and additional knowledge that will truly elevate your skill set and practice to new heights. You’ll gain the expertise and understanding necessary to stand out from the competition and deliver exceptional value to your clients.

  • RFP Responses
    COI’s & Referral Agreements
    Evaluation of Sales Collateral
    Client Feedback

  • Fiduciary Best Practices Audit
    Document Document Document
    Avoiding and/or Managing Conflicts of Interest – Self Dealing – Prohibited Transactions
    ERISA Fiduciary Training
    Benchmarking Your Own Services
    Plan Governance Documents – Committee Charter, etc.
    KPIs to Measure Plan and Advisor Success
    Service Plan and Stewardship Report

  • Target Date Fund & QDIA Selection – DOL Guidance
    Target Date Fund and QDIA Monitoring
    Investment Policy Statements
    Active vs Passive Debate
    Advisor Managed Accounts
    ESG Considerations, SDB in the plan and other emerging trends

  • ERISA Class Action Lessons Learned

  • Financial Wellness
    In Plan Guaranteed Income

  • Recordkeeper Pricing Best Practices
    RFPs by Market Segment & Use of Proprietary Products
    MEPs and PEPs

  • Tools for Your Practice


Practice Management

  • Our Practice Management Curriculum places a laser focus on optimizing your business operations, driving efficiencies, ensuring effective execution, and ultimately maximizing profitability. We understand that to unlock your peak potential and achieve your business goals, it is essential to align every aspect of your practice, from execution strategies to scope of services, internal processes, systems, technology integration, recruitment practices, and the training and development of your advisors and service team.

    The comprehensive curriculum consists of twenty-four separate coaching modules, designed to empower you to scale your practice and unlock its full potential. We’ll help you refine your service offerings, fine-tune internal processes, leverage cutting-edge technology solutions, and develop a high-performing team capable of driving your practice towards exponential growth.

  • Success Plan – Organizational and Individual
    Career pathing
    360 Reviews – Performance Measurement & Improvement
    Compensation structure
    Recruiting and Hiring Process – Assessment Tools – Job Descriptions
    Team training and development
    Employee Handbook – Labor Law and HR Issues

  • Lead generation

  • SWOT
    Assessing profitability by client
    Process improvement
    Insurance Coverage – E&O – D&O – Fidelity Bond – Fiduciary Liability – ERISA Bond – Cyber – Fraud
    Cybersecurity/Risk Management

  • Legislative updates

  • PEP vs MEP vs Multiemployer Plans
    Small Market and Start Up – State Mandates & SECURE 2.0
    Lifetime Income Solutions
    Wealth Management/Financial Planning/ERISA Plans
    Life Insurance and Ultra High Net Worth Planning
    Individual Annuities
    NQDC/DB/Cash Balance Plans/Other

  • AI and how to use it efficiently
    Plan Audit – Data Automation (API)

Learn More

Join Retirement ACE today and transform your service offering, boost your business efficiency, and become part of an exclusive community of elite retirement industry leaders. Take charge of your success and secure a prosperous future for both you and your clients.

Number of Employees

Mike DiCenso and Eric Dyson have combined retirement industry experience of over 60 years and have provided testimony as expert witnesses in over two dozen ERISA class action lawsuits.

Our Creative Founders.

Mike DiCenso is a seasoned professional in the retirement industry, carrying over three decades of rich experience. His expertise spans a broad range of competencies:

  • Crafting visionary strategies and direction, marked by critical thinking and market leadership Proficient in practice management and mastering business metrics

  • Demonstrated organizational leadership, with a focus on revenue, asset, and profit growth

  • Proven track record in sales and marketing leadership, formulating effective models, and offering mentoring

  • Remarkable team-building and recruitment capabilities

  • Strong expertise in managing mergers and acquisitions

  • Held prominent positions such as CEO, COO, and CMO

  • Well-versed in providing holistic solutions and leadership

Mike DiCenso

Eric Dyson, a former US Navy nuclear-trained submarine officer, brings to the table over thirty years of comprehensive experience in ERISA qualified plans. His specific highlights include:

  • Consultation services concerning fiduciary best practices for plan sponsors and ERISA advisors

  • Experienced in conducting ERISA Plan Requests for Proposals (RFP) and conducting fee benchmarks

  • Proficient in design and implementation of investment policy statements (IPS)

  • Expertise in substantive and procedural prudence and ERISA fiduciary training

  • Accomplished in conducting fiduciary best practices audit to help plan sponsors adhere to DOL guidance

  • Possesses experience as an ERISA 3(21) and ERISA 3(38) investment fiduciary

  • Noted keynote speaker, imparting action- able knowledge to advisors and plan sponsors from ERISA class action litigation

Eric Dyson

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